Cross-Ecosystem Communication

Discover how cross-contracts calls communication can happen between NEAR and Aurora using Aurora Contracts SDK

Boris Polania..

Aurora Chains: Code Overview

Discover the source code for Aurora Chains: how fixed gas cost and access control are achieved

Slava Karkunov..

EVM gas vs. Near gas on Aurora

How the Aurora's EVM gas and Near gas are related? What gas limits do we have, and how Engine optimizations are saving your costs?

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Fast Rainbow Bridge: How it works?

Discover how the Fast Rainbow Bridge allows users to transfer tokens from NEAR to Ethereum within minutes

Olga Kunyavskaya..

Aurora Cloud: Borealis Business

Learn how to hide the fees complexities from your users by using Borealis Business deals

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Abstraction Borealis

Find out more about meta-transactions, relayers and account abstraction on Aurora

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How the Aurora Relayer 2.0 works?

Learn about Aurora's relayer inner workings and how those innovate the future of the blockchain technologies

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