How to get NEAR transaction from the Aurora’s one?

Let's find out how to dig into Aurora transactions and get the underlying NEAR data

Slava Karkunov..

Demystifying Transaction Failures

Getting transaction receipts and parsing Aurora Engine's transaction statuses

Slava Karkunov..

Practical ERC20 Burning

Token burning is the act of permanently removing a certain number of tokens from circulation. This article delves into its intricacies and offers guidance based on my real-world experiences at Aurora

Alexey Lapitsky..

How to get USDC tokens on Aurora testnet

While developing your smart contracts on Aurora, there are situations when you will need to get native Ethereum ERC-20 tokens on your testnet account – let’s find out how to get these by using the USDC token as an example

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Validating User On-Chain Activity in Decentralized Games - Part I

Validating user’s on-chain activity in a adaptation of the classic 2048 game

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