OMNIA Protocol is a blockchain infrastructure provider that delivers optimal performance without sacrificing privacy, security, or compliance.

Privacy and Consumer Protection

Transactions can be tracked even before they are validated and added to the blockchain, compromising privacy in the face of malicious actors who track your behavior. OMNIA prevents this by obfuscating your off-chain data, thus safeguarding you against scams, hacks, and front-running attacks.

All the data and metadata remain private to the users. No third party is able to access, analyze or track it. OMNIA leverages different technologies and approaches to guarantee the privacy of their users, from front-running protection and private mempools, to obfuscation and random dispatching.

Sanctions and Crypto Compliance

Global regulations are increasingly scrutinizing blockchain transactions to clamp down on financial crimes such as money laundering, sanctions, hacks, etc. OMNIA is the first blockchain infrastructure provider to protect your systems in real-time from illicit activities.

Secure and Reliable Infrastructure

OMNIA’s availability is guaranteed by thousands of nodes distributed worldwide that provide a decentralized infrastructure. The protocol utilizes geolocation-based request routing, a multi-cloud approach, and data integrity checks for maximum performance and resilience.

Public RPC Endpoints

Easily create your own RPC Endpoints on our Dapp

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