While the Aurora Labs team works on the new Aurora block explorer - whose launch is expected to take place in the upcoming months (Q2'2023) — users will in the meantime be able to rely on our Blockscout-based interim solution to perform their usual tasks, located at explorer.aurora.dev for a Mainnet. Testnet one is located at explorer.testnet.aurora.dev.

By using Block Explorer, users and developers can get access to the developer tools and network statistics that provide extended insights into Aurora's EVM.

Blockscout is one of the most well-known block explorers for Ethereum, capable of delivering statistics, token transfers and lists, smart contract source code verification, and issuing read & write calls directly from the UI.

Users are able to view transactions, addresses, and blocks. Developers can get a wide range of charts and statistics related to smart contract execution, collator data, specific transfers between tokens, and a list of ERC-20 tokens on Aurora.

You can also see all of the verified contracts here, work with API or use GraphQL to query information about blocks or transactions.

As an example of the API usage, you can get your ERC-20 token balance by using this method:

Or get source code or ABI for the verified contract by calling those ones: